Turbo Ice Antimicrobial

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Turbo Ice-PopGrip Antimicrobial



Moth  The PopGrip is interchangeable, so you can fold it flat, press and rotate 90¬ļ to remove the cover. You can then pop in a new PopTop or wirelessly charge your phone. Or you can also take it out and put it back again and again to have something to do with those restless hands.

  • This Antimicrobial PopGrip has all the benefits of the standard PopGrip: hold your phone securely, send messages with one hand, watch videos by laying your phone down, swap it out whenever you want, or charge wirelessly.
  • The Antimicrobial PopGrip provides a germ-free surface to grip or lay your phone on.
  • Prevents 99,9% of bacteria growth.
  • The antimicrobial product is located in the base and the PopTop
  • Dimensions: 47mm diameter x 13,5mm high and 30,6mm high expanded
  • Compatible with PopMounts, PopChain and PopStation
  • It can be repositioned and adheres better to smooth hard plastic cases. May not stick to silicone or waterproof cases

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