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Show them that you care  ♻️✨

Moth Material: 100% biodegradable cotton. Front print.
Moth Sizes: 37x41cm. 

In addition to having an incredible design and being very comfortable, these Eco-Friendly bags have a great environmental impact. It takes more than 150 years for a plastic bag to degrade, by using our Eco-Friendly bag you are helping to reduce the amount of waste caused by single-use plastic.

Being resistant and highly durable, the possibilities of use are multiple, use it when making your purchases, to carry your books, or as an accessory to achieve a fresh and modern look. The more we use them, the less impact plastic bags will have on the environment.

Bonus: The 🔲 in the design they are perfect to put our pins and buttons!

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🥇We review and take care of each product we send, our prior quality control guarantees their excellent condition and manufacture. Each product is packed and hand-marked by us with much love. In addition to your Eco-Friendly bag, for your purchase you will receive a sticker from another world!