About us

About us

Hello everyone!

We are physicians, we love medicine, art and space. We wanted to bring together our passions to create a new world of possibilities and give a special touch to our everyday look.

Between clinic, emergency rooms, hospital halls and long working hours it is easy to forget what are we wearing, and since we are almost always in boring and plain scrubs, we decided to customize our wardrobe in a unique and original way, this is how Space DNA was born.

Designed for students, doctors, nurses, all people who work in the healthcare area, and in general anyone who shares our same passions. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, use them in your scrubs, your suitcases, your bags, your jackets, wherever you want and share with us how you use your Space DNA products. 

We are working every day for you to bring you more products from another world!! 👽


With love,


Alberto Negrete, MD and Paola Vargas, MD.

Founders-CEOs Space DNA.



Meet the Team!

As a team we generate the ideas, then we make sure that those ideas become a reality, and that the end product makes you smile when you see a Space DNA envelope in your mail!