About us

Meet the Team!

In Space DNA we develop each idea as a team. We have created an amazing environment where everyone’s strengths are recognized and utilized. It’s a space where creativity, intelligence and productivity thrive. We make sure that our ideas turn into products that are even better that we imagined and will bring joy and happiness to each one of you!





Our History 

The concept of Space DNA was born in 2019, when two surgeons passionate about medicine, art and space wanted to bring together their passions to create a new world of possibilities and give a special touch to everyone’s daily look.

Between offices, emergency rooms, and long work hours it is easy to forget what we are wearing and what we use, and since we almost always wear - boring and flat - scrubs, we decided to personalize our wardrobe in a unique and original way. 

Space DNA is created for students, doctors, and everyone working in the health care area, or anyone who shares our same passions. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. Either if you use them for work, as a fashion accessory on a date night or to personalize your bags, keep sharing your pictures with us in our social media. We love seeing you there! 

We hope to keep growing and sharing Space DNA with every one of you and continue creating more products from another world!! 👽


With love,

Alberto Negrete, MD and Paola Vargas, MD.

Founders-CEOs Space DNA.